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Proven Secrets from a Former Federal Inmate to Keep you Safe in Prison

Insider’s Guide to Prison is a proven, step-by-step system anyone can use to navigate prison life in comfort and security.

We’ve all heard the hype:

- Federal prison life is a meat grinder.

- Every day swings between boredom and terror.

- You’ll be lucky to survive.

Or so the prison movies tell us...

But if that’s true, what’s with all these chill former inmates doing interviews on YouTube?

They aren’t hardened killers. They’re regular guys, and their life inside was easy. They watched movies, ate good food, played sports, learned to write music, and got educated.

Prison was simple for them.

But prison is supposed to destroy your life! They must have a secret in with the guards, or the mafia, or something. Right?

What if those relaxed inmates are just everyday guys who learned a few key secrets about how to pass their time inside on easy mode?

What if you could learn those secrets, too?

Don’t you want to spend your prison sentence relaxed and comfortable?

You don’t need a miracle. You need a proven system built on years of experience.

Good news: You can get those years of experience boiled down into a simple, step-by-step method for surviving prison in comfort with no drama.

Ready to learn the system for safety and security in federal prison?

Then meet a former federal inmate about to spill all the best secrets on prison life.

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That's me, Brandon Parker, doing 5 years in Lompoc Federal Prison.

I passed my time and came out ready to tackle the world by building a simple, repeatable system that works.

The #1 question I hear is, "How did you stay safe and accomplish so much from prison?”

By following the proven system I’m offering you right now.

Are you worried prison life is going to swing between boring and scary?

Afraid of getting stabbed?

It’s bad enough you just went through the court system, and probably did some time in jail. Now you’re about to spend years staring at four blank walls and trying not to get killed.

You have no idea what to expect when you walk through that gate the first time.

You’re probably thinking, “Everyone’s going to know I’m a first timer. I’ll be easy pickings.”

You’re hoping to wing it once you get there. Maybe you've watched reality tv and a ton of prison movies to get yourself ready.

You don't need to be a pro convict to survive your sentence.

You don’t need movies, or a trick mindset, or connections to the mafia.

What you need is a simple guide from someone who’s been there.

And that’s exactly what I’ve built for you.

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My proven system comes packed with simple techniques and methods to show you exactly how to walk into prison your first day and set yourself up for easy mode.

Veteran inmates will throw tests at you. I’ve got all the answers you need to pass so you can lay low.

I’ll show you how to build a productive lifestyle in prison while staying safe and secure. You’ll come out the other side of your sentence ready to tackle life.

I've boiled down 5 years of federal prison experience into a simple, step-by-step training to get you through in safety and comfort.

Stop dreading the years ahead. Get a system that works.

Insider's Guide To Prison sets you up to thrive

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I’ll teach you how to operate like a vet from the very second you pass that front gate so you're safe from prison politics and able to focus on building a life on the inside. Even the most savvy convicts use my proven system to improve their lives and do their time in comfort.

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Insider's Guide To Prison

The proven system for navigating prison life. Follow my simple step-by-step guide to set yourself up for an easy ride.

What you’re about to learn...

Arrival strategies to pass that entry gate like a vet

How to handle the first people you'll meet

Warnings and tips for meeting your bunkee & other inmates

3 must-follow rules to survive your first month

Creating the smoothest bunk situation

7 prison work lifestyles and how to find your groove

Building your perfect routine - the holy grail of easy prison life

Secret inmate rules

Games prisoners play

21 things you must never do in prison

And a ton of bonus secrets you need to thrive

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Get my core system plus a ton of bonus content for one low price

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The 19 Core Training Videos

Including "How To Stay Our Of Solitary", "Maximizing Phones, Emails, & Visits", + "How To Deal With Gangs & Germ Freaks!"

($1997 Value)

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My "Before You Report To Prison" Checklist

Don’t leave home without reading my guide on nailing your entry and first day. You can’t do it over, and you don’t want to live with regret. My checklist shows you exactly what to do.

($97 Value)

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Private 1-Hour Consulting Call

Talk to a man who’s been there. I’ll help you navigate your worst fears and give you the point-blank honesty you need about what really happens in prison. No topic is off the table, and you’ll walk away with a clear picture of what to expect.

($297 Value)


Claim Two Free Gifts With Your Order!

Buying Insider's Guide To Prison instantly unlocks these additional bonuses

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21 Things You Should Never Do In Prison (Video)

($49 Value)

Learn 21 things veteran inmates will never do in prison. Save yourself from embarrassment and keep yourself safe by learning the rules in advance.

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Eating Healthy, Subtracting Fat, & Adding Muscle While In Prison (Video)

($49 Value)

Your routine is your secret to a productive and comfortable prison stay. Plan, setup, and execute your own system with this step-by-step guide to the perfect routine.

My "Insider" Guarantee!

A lot of prison consultants prey on fear. That's not me. That's why I offer a full 30-day money back guarantee for anyone unhappy with this system. I only require that you complete the entire course.


Get Insider's Guide To Prison for just $197 today!

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